The KISS principle

When manufacturing baby monitors one might rightly assume that KISS refers to something you do to your baby. But with the brobot team, these four letters refer to our modus operandiKeep It Simple Stupid!

We are parents and our overriding mission has always been to create a simple and inexpensive solution while providing a high level of safety and peace of mind. We don’t want to burden our customers with old technologies, but neither do we want to provide them with something which is “state of the art” and lots of “fluff” if it does not provide true value to our family of users.


One example of keeping it simple:

STORAGE: While our BabyCam unit does have a slot for an SD card, we do not support the SD recording function in our app. Why use such this old and inefficient technology? Why spend $40 for a 64GB SD card which must be taken out of the unit every few days and viewed on a computer when you can record directly on your phone? For extra storage, we believe our customers would much prefer to set their photos and videos to automatically back up to a service like Google drive (which costs $12 a year for 100GB of data), which is always available on all devices and available for sharing. For those customers who require a more sophisticated backup service, we will soon be announcing a paid cloud backup service which will provide timelines and graphs of motion and sound detection events.