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Monitor your baby, your pet, or the elderly you care for

The brobot™ BabyCam – sitting cutely on your shelf or mounted with a bracket (included) on a wall or ceiling, connects to the internet via wifi or if you wish to have your baby’s room wifi free, then directly through an Ethernet cable (included).

iOS or Android apps allow you to pan and tilt, watch live video with audio, take snapshots and record it all on your phone and, if you choose, have it automatically backed up to the cloud. The brobot™ supports two-way audio, automatic nocturnal infrared viewing and customizable alarm functions, so notifications can be sent to your phone whenever there is movement or sound above a preset level.


Save those precious moments of your loved ones with video recording and unlimited snapshots. Give password-protected access to your family and friends – a wonderful present for out-of-town grandparents who can enjoy watching their grandchildren grow!


Watch, listen and talk to your baby, pet, or anyone who requires your monitoring and care anytime and anywhere with live video and two way audio on your smartphone. Enjoy peace of mind at work, traveling or even at home.


Don’t want wifi radio waves in your baby’s room? The brobot™ BabyCam ships with a wired Ethernet cable as well as wifi capabilities. Configure alarms, notifying your phone whenever there is movement or a sound above a preset level. Automatic nocturnal infrared viewing means you don't need to disturb your baby’s sleep with a light in the room.


Not only does the brobot bring you comfort, but your baby also. What happens if you are halfway around the globe and you need to help your baby fall asleep with their favorite lullaby? You just play the song from a playlist on your phone! (Only available on the Android app at present).


The brobot app supports an unlimited number of BabyCams, effectively converting your baby monitor into to a home surveillance system. The live streams of all the cameras can be visible on the screen of your phone or tablet as you simultaneously monitor the different areas of your home or office. With Chromecast you can stream your phone's liveview directly to your TV!

Share a live feed with lucky grandparents...



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  • Securely monitor your baby from anywhere with your phone or tablet
  • Get alarm notifications when the baby cries or there is a loud sound in the room.
  • Monitoring activity can take place in background as you use your phone for other activities.
  • Check audio level and alarm history on a graph.
  • Talk to your baby with two-way audio, and play music or recordings on the Brobot from your phone (currently available only with the Android app)
  • Record video with audio.


  • Take unlimited snapshots and save them in your photo library.
  • You can set the audio sensitivity parameter to fit your individual environment, use Intelligent Audio analysis to distinguish a baby’s crying from background noise, and set a squelch level to eliminate unwanted static noise.
  • Search your network for easy setup.
  • Control your camera remotely.
  • Use your phone to pan and tilt.
  • Automatic infrared night vision allows you to see without disturbing baby’s sleep.

IMPORTANT:  Brobot™ BabyCam is designed to be an aid. It should not be used as a substitute for real adult supervision.

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